NGI Turns Tech Into Talk for Team VDS

A challenge of technology companies is to talk about what they do, but to do it in a way that doesn’t scare off the average person. Case in point, Vendor Direct Solutions (aka VDS) is a company that delivers operational and technology systems and solutions for law firms. They are developing incredible systems that are revolutionizing the way law firms operate.


The challenge comes in dealing with the law firms. While mid-to-large size firms have IT departments, managing partners are typically involved in the decision process, and put bluntly, don’t always know much about computers. That’s why VDS called in Newman Grace.


We were engaged, first to help clarify their brand identity and their message to clients and customers. From there we created a package of marketing collateral to assist their sales teams in bringing in more business.


That went so well we were then engaged to completely revamp their website. To do so, the Newman Grace design team created a fresh and active look for the site, not something you’d expect for a tech company. Next, we “translated” the technology speak into language that managing partners would understand. We spoke of the attorney experience and ways firms would be more productive, rather than dazzle them with tech and data terminology.




The site recently launched and has been a big hit. They are much more confident of their marketing message, and we are now even working with VDS on creating a news blog and a new “team” section to get their staff more involved in electronic marketing.


As we like to say at Newman Grace, “when you get the strategy right, it makes it easy to do the right tactics!”