Customber Service Is Dead! <br>Long Live The Service-Oriented Brand.

I’ve been complaining about holiday customer service for the past few years, but I finally reached the breaking point.


Customer service is dead.


You can blame the company or owner or management, but it always falls back on the brand. Go to a restaurant and get a bad server, and it’s the restaurant’s fault. Just look at virtually any Yelp! restaurant review.  Have a bad checker at Walmart, a lousy aisle manager at Home Depot, or an idiot kid “genius” at the Apple Store, and we blame the brand.


There where new opportunity lies. If you provide good customer or client service you will stand out. But it’s not enough to say it. That doesn’t count. Everyone says it. You have to DO IT!


When you do, your customers will like you for it. And they will come back. And they will tell their friends.


Do you live service in your work? Can you do better than the others? It may just become your best differentiator!