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Graphic Design Accolades

Every Newman Grace project begins with creating a strategy that focuses our efforts to help clients achieve their goals. But it’s the finished work that most people see. It’s the “stuff” we create. And it all comes out of our graphic design department.

When done correctly, brand strategy and graphic design come together in a beautiful blend of logic and creativity. Great design with no direction is wasted effort. And great strategy with terrible execution is just as bad. That’s why we work so hard as a team to make sure everything we do has strategic and creative balance that makes our clients’ marketing memorable.

We’ve recently completed graphic design projects for KHS Bicycles, Maria’s Italian Kitchen, the Oberg Law Group, Holy Cow BBQ, Woodbury University, and Avalan Wealth. And through this work, we are excited to announce that DesignRush has chosen to include us in their upcoming article Graphic Design – New Trends.

We are, as always, humbled and grateful for the acknowledgement. Look for a future post as soon as the piece comes out!

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