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Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

With the advent of Covid-19, the small business world has been turned on it’s ear. Some companies are closed, others are working overtime.

At the onset, we counseled our small business clients to “get in front.” What did we mean by that? Those of us old enough to have been around for fires, floods, earthquakes, market crashes, and other disasters, know from experience that customer need help, they need information, and they need answers to their questions.

By getting in from of clients, they are getting in front of the issue. They are seen as leaders, as doers, and as trusted advisors and vendors.

We have several restaurant chains as clients. When the lockdowns began to happen, restaurant owners felt the sky was falling. We leaped into action, shooting videos and launching digital marketing and social media campaigns. We showed real people. The messaging was simple…we’re here, we’re cooking, and we’re making meals for our customers.

One campaign we orchestrated was so successful, our client asked us to end it early, as their staff was being inundated by orders, and was nearing maximum capacity. (That’s the kind of thing digital marketing firms love to hear!)

Newman Grace has recently be featured as a top digital agency, but are proud to know we are being considered as one of the country’s Top Digital Marketing Agencies For Small Businesses. We love our small business clients, so to be considered for this list is a true honor, and one that makes us feel our hard work and dedication to helping small businesses not only survive but to thrive is worth every effort.

Does your small business need help? Give us a shout.

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