Content Marketing

Turning Content Into Customers

Increasingly the team at Newman Grace (NGI) is being asked to create interesting, engaging, customer-generating content. Companies like KHS Bicycles, Oberg Law Group, Holy Cow BBQ, and Echelon Business Development are just a few of the clients we’ve been creating content for recently.

“From blogs to social media, videos, and even custom published magazines,” said Taryn Gray, VP of Digital Marketing for NGI, “we’ve created tons of great content for our clients. It really helps that our team brings award-winning magazine and editorial experience to the party, and makes for really powerful content.”

Considered one of the top Content Marketing Agencies in California, NGI sees content as an “informational bridge” that connects brands with customers in deeper way than traditional advertising. Through careful customer and audience analysis, NGI has been able to create content that is not only what customers want, but also what they need, increasing the likelihood that they will like, comment, share, and further engage with the material and the brand behind it.

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